Kill Screen MFG is a digital strategy and production company.

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Unlocking the Power of Play

"Play is training for the unexpected."

- Marc Bekoff

We believe games are an essential part of what makes us human. Play is a form of storytelling - how people play tells you a lot about how people make decisions and consider choices, navigate spaces and interfaces, and interact with others.

Play also represents an exceptional opportunity to attract consumers and constituents in an age where digital attention spans are dwindling. Play requires agency by definition, and we relish the opportunity to connect clients with active and engaged audiences. In many ways, games are the ultimate form of content marketing.

Through our editorial arm, Kill Screen, we report on the business, design, and technology of games. We are deeply connected with the changing demographics, behaviors and communities of ‘gamers’. We understand how and why people play games and the ties between games and other parts of culture.  

We use this knowledge to deliver research, strategy, bespoke games, and press-worthy events centered on the world of play and games to our clients.  

Perhaps it’s not just fun and games after all.

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